Public broadcasting of Latvia, – Health, February 2, 2024
Latvia extends encephalitis vaccine interval.

The recommended booster interval for TBE vaccines after full primary vaccination and the first booster (4th injection in total) is five years and three years for older individuals (details depending on the country).

Several studies indicate that TBE antibodies persist for longer than ten years in vaccinees who have received at least one booster injection, and no negative impact on the vaccine effectiveness could be seen when the recommended booster interval was overrun (see e.g., Newsletter January 2024, Newsletter August 2023).

Latvia is a highly TBE endemic country, but TBE immunization has yet to be integrated into the vaccination calendar. Data from 2020 show that about 52% of the population have received at least one TBE vaccine injection.

Switzerland was the first country to extend the TBE vaccination booster interval to 10 years (see e.g., Newsletter June 2022). Now, based on a decision meeting of the Latvian State Immunization Council on November 6, 2023, the TBE booster interval was extended to 10 years. This also applies to children who have received four vaccine doses.

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