On May 16, 2019, the new, extended second edition of The TBE Book became publicly available, both online (https://id-ea.org/tbe) and also as print version (ISBN: 978-981-14-0914-1); available directly from Global Health Press (GHP) or Amazon.

Compared to the first edition:

  • has grown from 300 to 470 pages,
  • the number of chapters has increased from 12 to 14,
  • the number of countries contributing with their detailed TBE epidemiology has increased from 31 to 34,
  • the number of authors has increased from 72 to 90,
  • the number of editors has increased from 3 to 4,
  • and last but not least, each chapter now has its own DOI and thus, can unequivocally be identified.

The TBE Book is now the only medium which comprehensively deals with all aspects of TBE:

  • The history of TBE
  • Virology
  • The molecular and antigenic structure of TBEV
  • Transmission/Natural cycle
  • Pathogenesis of TBE with a focus on molecular mechanisms
  • TBE in adults
  • TBE in children
  • TBE in special clinical situations
  • TBE in animals
  • Immunology of TBEV infection
  • Diagnosis
  • General epidemiology of TBE
  • Epidemiology by country – an overview
  • TBE by country –country data
  • Global distribution of TBEV
  • TBE as a matter of public health
  • Prevention: Vaccines and immunoglobulins

At the end of each chapter you will now find a note on how to cite the contribution (including the DOI). This makes it easier for scientists to cite the chapters of the TBE book when preparing scientific manuscripts.

An additional service provided by the publisher (GHP), are the “TBE News” with weekly snapshots and a monthly newsletterx – and these items will continue to be presented at https://id-ea.org/tbe.

Once you have registered, you can read The TBE Book and the TBE News free of charge, and you can give feedback via a comment button.

Since its’ launch mid of May, there have been 35 new registrations. We are proud to announce that we have hit the 1,000th subscriber mark (currently 1,021 subscribers), showing that the new TBE Book is well noticed.

TBE is the most important viral infection transmitted by ticks and is the most important endemic viral disease in many regions throughout Europe and Asia. The 2nd edition of the TBE Book will help to find relevant information on this important topic while the disease is spreading to more regions resulting in increasing case numbers.

Dr. Gerhard Dobler
Dr. Wilhelm Erber
Dr. Michael Bröker
Prof. Heinz-Josef Schmitt

Compiled: May 2019

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