December 2019

Newsletter: TBE virus in ticks and TBE acquired in southern England

Snapshot 52/2019 Japanese tick-borne encephalitis cross-reactivity

Snapshot 51/2019 Ticks’ preferred bite site on the body

Snapshot 50/2019 Analysis of pathogens in Ixodes persulcatus ticks from northern Sweden

Snapshot 49/2019 Siberian subtype of TBE virus: Genetic diversity and geographic distribution

November 2019

Newsletter: Detection of TBE virus in England

Snapshot 48/2019 Underreporting of TBE in north-east Italy

Snapshot 47/2019 Severe form of TBE in a traveler

Snapshot 46/2019 What do German forestry workers know about TBE?

Snapshot 45/2019 New TBE micro-focus found in Denmark

October 2019

Newsletter: Impact of yellow fever vaccination on subsequent TBE vaccination

Snapshot 44/2019 Dragging ticks: Consider the drop-off rate!

Snapshot 43/2019 Can antibodies to Midichloria mitochondrii serve as a marker for exposure to ticks?

Snapshot 42/2019 Natural tick repellents

Snapshot 41/2019 TBE virus detected in England

September 2019

Newsletter: Announcement: “5th Southern German Tick Congress”, March 2-4, 2020

Snapshot 40/2019 Italian farmers’ perception about tick-borne diseases and TBE vaccine

Snapshot 39/2019 TBE in Mongolia

Snapshot 38/2019 New TBE foci in France

Snapshot 37/2019 Transnational cooperation identifies new TBE foci

Snapshot 36/2019 Rickettsia aeschlimannii infection after Hyalomma tick bite, Germany

August 2019

Newsletter: Reservoir hosts of the TBE virus

Snapshot 35/2019 TBE case identified in southwestern Denmark

Snapshot 34/2019 Long-term TBE vaccine induced antibody persistence

Snapshot 33/2019 First detection of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Ixodes ricinus ticks and their rodent hosts in Moscow, Russia

Snapshot 32/2019 TBE in Central Europe, 2019

July 2019

Newsletter: New viruses discovered in ticks

Snapshot 31/2019 Screening for Ixodes persulcatus and Dermacentor reticulatus in southern Scandinavia

Snapshot 30/2019 Novel RNA virus detected in ticks in Finland

Snapshot 29/2019 TBE in Ukraine

Snapshot 28/2019 New TBE foci in Helsinki area, Finland

Snapshot 27/2019 Phylogenetic analyses of TBE virus strains collected in Lower Saxony

June 2019

Newsletter: Import of Hyalomma ticks in Germany, 2018

Snapshot 26/2019 TBE in Jilin Province, China

Snapshot 25/2019 TBE virus in canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Snapshot 24/2019 TBE in north-eastern Germany

Snapshot 23/2019 Post-exposure treatment of TBE

May 2019

Newsletter: The TBE Book – second edition now available

Snapshot 22/2019 Recombinant glycoprotein E of TBE virus for diagnostic purposes

Snapshot 21/2019 New flavivirus belonging to the TBE virus complex detected

Snapshot 20/2019 TBE in Mongolia

Snapshot 19/2019 the alpha Gal syndrome: a phenomenon

April 2019

Newsletter: Symposium on Tick and Tick-Borne Diseases (ITTBD) Weimar, Germany, 28-30 March 2019

Snapshot 18/2019 How to discriminate between TBE and West Nile virus infections

Snapshot 17/2019 TBE in Denmark

Snapshot 16/2019 Knowledge about TBE in a non-TBE risk area

Snapshot 15/2019 Epidemiology of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in Germany, 2001-2018

Snapshot 14/2019 TBE virus in Dermacentor reticulatus, Germany

March 2019

Newsletter: Outbreaks of alimentary TBE virus infections in Slovakia

Snapshot 13/2019 TBE vaccine failures analyzed

Snapshot 12/2019 Comparison of four commercial TBE ELISAs

Snapshot 11/2019 Why donkeys are less infested by ticks than horses

Snapshot 10/2019 Development of vaccines to reduce tick infestation

February 2019

Newsletter: Use of arthropod cells and cell lines to isolate pathogens from ticks

Snapshot 9/2019 TBE in Germany – report for 2018

Snapshot 8/2019 Switzerland: Extended TBE risk areas – extended vaccination recommendations

Snapshot 7/2019 Very high number of TBE cases in Austria, 2018

Snapshot 6/2019 Ticks’ preference for breath of females

January 2019

Newsletter: A new protective mRNA flavivirus vaccine formulation

Snapshot 5/2019 Norwegian cows and milk may harbor TBE virus

Snapshot 4/2019 Climate change and new arthropods and arthropod-borne diseases

Snapshot 3/2019 Severity of Lyme Borreliosis in elderly, Slovenia

Snapshot 2/2019 Has treatment with statins an effect on the severity of TBE?

Snapshot 1/2019 Snapshots and Newsletters in 2018

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