December 2020

Newsletter: Immunogenicity and safety of TBE vaccines reviewed

Snapshot 52/2020 Clinical presentation of TBE in Lithuania

Snapshot 51/2020 TBE virus in ticks collected in Lithuania

Snapshot 50/2020 Subtyping of TBE virus

Snapshot 49/2020 TBE virus and other pathogens in ticks collected in Belarus

November 2020

Newsletter: There’s no place like home: TBEV prefers its own tick population over ticks from a non-endemic area

Snapshot 48/2020 Interview with Dr. Elyes Zhioua, Tunis

Snapshot 47/2020 TBE virus detected in ticks collected in Tunisia

Snapshot 46/2020 TBE seroprevalence study in southern Norway

Snapshot 45/2020 TBE virus in southwestern Germany

October 2020

Newsletter: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Italian occupational physicians towards TBE

Snapshot 44/2020 TBE booster vaccination is impacted in obese individuals

Snapshot 43/2020 Tick bites can induce direct indispositions

Snapshot 42/2020 TBE in Kazakhstan

Snapshot 41/2020 Are ducks susceptible to the TBE virus?

September 2020

Newsletter: Genomics of louping iIl virus

Snapshot 40/2020 New TBE foci in Denmark

Snapshot 39/2020 Glycosylation pattern of TBE virus glycoprotein E

Snapshot 38/2020 Number of TBE cases on the rise

Snapshot 37/2020 Adaption of TBE virus in different host systems

August 2020

Newsletter: Active and passive TBE vaccination: new approaches

Snapshot 36/2020 Genetic diversity of the tick Ixodes ricinus

Snapshot 35/2020 Existing and potentially novel TBE vaccines

Snapshot 34/2020 Response to TBE vaccination in transplant patients

Snapshot 33/2020 Alimentary TBE outbreak, Croatia, 2019

Snapshot 32/2020 Comparison: TBE in Polish children and adults

July 2020

Newsletter: TBE incidence two-year forecasts for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland now available

Snapshot 31/2020 Broad spectrum of pathogens in ticks in Latvia

Snapshot 30/2020 Trend in reported TBE cases, Central Europe, forecast 2020

Snapshot 29/2020 TBE in Kazakhstan

Snapshot 28/2020 TBE virus infection of pregnant women

Snapshot 27/2020 Pasteurization inactivates TBE virus in milk

June 2020

Newsletter: Evolutionary traits of the Baikalian subtype of TBE virus and genetic bottleneck detection in Zabaikalsky Krai (Eastern Siberia, Russia)

Snapshot 26/2020 Diversity of TBE virus

Snapshot 25/2020 Alimentary TBE outbreak in France

Snapshot 24/2020 Forecast of TBE distribution in Finland

Snapshot 23/2020 TBE in Ukraine

May 2020

Newsletter: Studying neurovirulent determinants of TBE virus

Snapshot 22/2020 Evaluation of FDA-approved drugs to inhibit flavivirus replication

Snapshot 21/2020 Imported TBE case to Spain

Snapshot 20/2020 Dermacentor reticulatus:a vector for TBE virus

Snapshot 19/2020 The preferred site of tick infestation on cows

April 2020

Newsletter: Valid serodiagnosis of TBE

Snapshot 18/2020 Detection of new TBE forci by antibody screening of sheep milk

Snapshot 17/2020 TBE in northeastern Italy

Snapshot 16/2020 TBE virus in Norway: a prevalence study in ticks

Snapshot 15/2020 TBE and other tick-borne diseases in southern Norway

March 2020

Newsletter: TBE in Central Europe, 2019

Snapshot 14/2020 TBE seroprevalence study in South Korea

Snapshot 13/2020 A comparative clinical trial of two pediatric TBE vaccines based on strains of EU and FE virus subtypes

Snapshot 12/2020 Prevalence of TBE virus and Borrelia ssp. in high-risk and low-risk areas in some regions of southern Germany

Snapshot 11/2020 Knowledge and risk perception about ticks and tick-borne diseases in Scandinavian countries

Snapshot 10/2020 Analysis of TBE vaccination breakthrough infections

February 2020

Newsletter: TBE vaccines may contain non-structural protein 1

Snapshot 9/2020 Antibodies to NS-1 – a useful tool for TBE diagnostics

Snapshot 8/2020 Long-term antibody persistence after TBE booster vaccination: a modeling study

Snapshot 7/2020 TBE antibody field study in goats in Germany

Snapshot 6/2020 TBE in China, 2007-2018

January 2020

Newsletter: Emergence of vector borne zoonotic diseases

Snapshot 5/2020 Assessment of TBE ELISAs

Snapshot 4/2020 TBE seroprevalence study in wild ungulates across France

Snapshot 3/2020 TBE cases in U.S. military population, Germany

Snapshot 2/2020 Third TBE focus in the Netherlands

Snapshot 1/2020 News in 2019: A personal retrospect

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