December 2023

Newsletter: TBE vaccines can induce antibodies to non-structural protein 1 (NS-1)

Snapshot 51/2023 TBE in dogs, Lithuania

Snapshot 50/2023 Specific TBE antibody determination by a new ELISA based on recombinant glycoprotein E domains

Snapshot 49/2023 Analyzing escape mutants to human monoclonal antibodies with broad TBE virus neutralizing capacity

November 2023

Newsletter: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on the TBE vaccine licensed in the United States

Snapshot 48/2023 TBE risk assessment, attitudes and practices among tourists to an Italian high-risk area

Snapshot 47/2023 Emergency department syndromic surveillance to monitor tick-borne diseases

Snapshot 46/2023 Prevalence of TBE antibodies in wild ungulates in northern Italy

Snapshot 45/2023 Protection of Langat virus antibodies against lethal TBE virus infection in mice

Snapshot 44/2023 TBE in a horse, Austria

October 2023

Newsletter: History of TBE and TBE vaccine development

Snapshot 43/2023 A new real-time PCR method to distinguish Siberian from European subtypes of TBE virus

Snapshot 42/2023 Ixodes persulcatus in Sweden and Finland

Snapshot 41/2023 Development of a TBE vaccine to protect dogs

Snapshot 40/2023 TBE in Croatia

September 2023

Newsletter: Effectiveness of TBE vaccines in children, Latvia

Snapshot 39/2023 Analyzing biomarkers of prognostic value for severity of TBE

Snapshot 38/2023 Partial protection against lethal infection of mice by recombinant nonstructural protein 1 of TBE virus

Snapshot 37/2023 Multiple functions of the non-structural protein 1 of flaviviruses

Snapshot 36/2023 TBE in Mongolia

August 2023

Newsletter: Effectiveness of TBE vaccination in Latvia

Snapshot 35/2023 Seroprevalence study for Lyme disease and TBE in forestry workers in northern France

Snapshot 34/2023 Origin of the Baikal subtype of TBE virus

Snapshot 33/2023 Testing nucleoside/nucleotide analogs against TBE virus and West Nile virus

Snapshot 32/2023 Assessing ribavirin as an anti-TBE virus drug

July 2023

Newsletter: A TBE seroprevalence study in animals confirms known TBE foci and suggests so far unknown foci in northern Germany

Snapshot 31/2023 A cluster of eight TBE virus infections in Poland by consumption of non-pasteurized goat milk

Snapshot 30/2023 Virus-like particle-based vaccine to protect against TBE virus infection

Snapshot 29/2023 Assessment in mice of a recombinant TBE vaccine based on Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara

Snapshot 28/2023 Characterization of a strain isolated in the Netherlands and which is highly divergent from TBE-EU strains

Snapshot 27/2022 Analyzing the increase of TBE incidence in Scandinavia

June 2023

Newsletter: Mixed immunization with two TBE vaccine brands increases the neutralization titers against a variety of TBE-EU strains

Snapshot 26/2023 Analyzing two TBE vaccine failures: was antibody mismatch the cause?

Snapshot 25/2023 Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors among physicians regarding TBE in southern

Snapshot 24/2023 Testing accelerated TBE vaccination schedules for last-minute travelers

Snapshot 23/2023 Long-lasting TBE antibody persistence after vaccination

May 2023

Newsletter: Sequelae of TBE

Snapshot 22/2023 Horses as sentinels for flavivirus infection

Snapshot 21/2023 Analyses of ticks and humans bitten by ticks for TBE and borreliosis

Snapshot 20/2023 Surveillance study in southwestern Germany: Discrimination between vaccine- and infection-induced TBE antibodies

Snapshot 19/2023 Fourth case of TBE in the United Kingdom

Snapshot 18/2023 Underdiagnosis of TBE in Germany

April 2023

Newsletter: Acute clinical manifestations of TBE

Snapshot 17/2023 TBE in the EU/EEA, 2012–2020

Snapshot 16/2023 TBE seropositivity of sheep in southern Germany

Snapshot 15/2023 TBE vaccine field effectiveness against severe and mild forms of disease

Snapshot 14/2023 Seroprotection rates vs. vaccination rates in southern Germany

March 2023

Newsletter: TBE cases in Central Europe, 2022

Snapshot 13/2023 Concomitant application of flavivirus vaccines

Snapshot 12/2023 Cross-reactivity among sera from various flaviviruses

Snapshot 11/2023 Immunization status in patients with multiple sclerosis, Austria

Snapshot 10/2023 Severe TBE virus infection of a pregnant woman

February 2023

Newsletter: TBE in children

Snapshot 9/2023 TBE seroprevalence in mice from natural TBE foci

Snapshot 8/2023 TBE and TBE vaccination in Hungary

Snapshot 7/2023 Spanish goat encephalitis virus: a significant pathogen of goats

Snapshot 6/2023 Low TBE vaccination rate among German soldiers

January 2023

Newsletter: A new candidate TBE vaccine based on recombinantly produced virus-like particles in protozoan cells

Snapshot 5/2023 TBE and other flaviviruses in the Chelyabinsk region, Russia

Snapshot 4/2023 Strong increase in new TBE foci in southern Germany

Snapshot 3/2023 TBE vaccine coverage in Switzerland

Snapshot 2/2023 The search for drugs to treat TBEvirus

Snapshot 1/2023 Fatal TBE case in a Serbian tourist

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