December 2022

Newsletter: Low TBE vaccine uptake in Europe

Snapshot 51/2022 TBE virus infections in horses, Switzerland

Snapshot 50/2022 TBE vaccination rates in children and adolescents, Germany

Snapshot 49/2022 Seroepidemiological study revealed asymptomatic TBE virus infections in Poland

Snapshot 48/2022 ECDC report on TBE for 2020

November 2022

Newsletter: TBE in the Netherlands

Snapshot 47/2022 TBE antibody prevalence in wild boars in Belgium

Snapshot 46/2022 Analysis of non-coding regions of the TBE virus RNA shows new molecular epidemiological traits

Snapshot 45/2022 Alimentary TBE virus infection reported in Austria

Snapshot 44/2022 TBE cases in U.S. military members

October 2022

Newsletter: Alimentary and other non-vectorial transmission of TBE virus

Snapshot 43/2022 Analyses of TBE microfoci in Germany

Snapshot 42/2022 Different virulence of TBE virus strains may be caused by the non-structural protein NS5

Snapshot 41/2022 TBE virus and other pathogens in ticks in Karelia, Russia

Snapshot 40/2022 TBE in pregnant women

September 2022

Newsletter: Sleep-wake disorders after TBE

Snapshot 39/2022 TBE seroprevalence in Swiss blood donors

Snapshot 38/2022 Origin of Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus

Snapshot 37/2022 Increase of TBE virus infections in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic year

Snapshot 36/2022 Is the chemokine receptor CCR5 associated with the clinical presentation of TBE?

August 2022

Newsletter: TBE vaccine effectiveness, Germany

Snapshot 35/2022 TBE in Lithuanian children

Snapshot 34/2022 Field effectiveness of TBE vaccination, Austria 2000–2018

Snapshot 33/2022 TBE case reported in central Italy

Snapshot 32/2022 Number of reported TBE cases, Central Europe, midsummer 2022

Snapshot 31/2022 TBE seropositivity in sheep and goats in the Czech Republic

July 2022

Newsletter: Recommendations to improve TBE surveillance and vaccine uptake

Snapshot 30/2022 Karshi virus, belonging to the TBE virus serocomplex, detected in China

Snapshot 29/2022 TBE virus and other pathogens in ticks in Mongolia

Snapshot 28/2022 First notified TBE case in an Irish traveler

Snapshot 27/2022 A cell host factor responsible for entry of TBE virus

June 2022

Newsletter: 10-year booster interval of TBE vaccine: How effective is it?

Snapshot 26/2022 Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus also detected outside of Russia

Snapshot 25/2022 Risk factors to acquire TBE

Snapshot 24/2022 TBE in the United Kingdom

Snapshot 23/2022 Detection of TBE virus in dairy products

May 2022

Newsletter: Alimentary TBE outbreak in Eastern France

Snapshot 22/2022 Inactivation by low energy electron irradiation of TBE virus

Snapshot 21/2022 Intrathecal TBE antibody synthesis – a predictive marker for severity of disease

Snapshot 20/2022 TBE virus transmission by breast feeding

Snapshot 19/2022 Detection of TBE virus in wild birds and their ticks in Siberia

Snapshot 18/2022 Retrospective identification of TBE patients in Serbia

April 2022

Newsletter: TBE virus foci in Northern Germany

Snapshot 17/2022 Protein YKL-40 in CSF may be a biomarker for severity of TBE

Snapshot 16/2022 TBE outbreak after consumption of non-pasteurized sheep cheese, Slovakia

Snapshot 15/2022 Low TBE vaccination rate in Italy

Snapshot 14/2022 TBE in children, Finland

March 2022

Newsletter: TBE virus infection without central nervous system involvement

Snapshot 13/2022 A rare case of TBE in roe deer

Snapshot 12/2022 Short-term protection of TBE vaccination for travelers

Snapshot 11/2022 TBE in Germany – yearly report by the RKI

Snapshot 10/2022 Considerations about the Twente region in the Netherlands as a TBE risk area

February 2022

Newsletter: Effectiveness of TBE vaccination

Snapshot 9/2022 TBE virus strain isolated in Hokkaido, Japan

Snapshot 8/2022 Alimentary TBE virus infections

Snapshot 7/2022 TBE cases detected in non-TBE risk areas in Germany by analysis of a survey

Snapshot 6/2022 TBE in Austria, 2021

January 2022

Newsletter: Burden of TBE, Sweden

Snapshot 5/2022 A nationwide French study shows an increase of encephalitis caused by TBE virus

Snapshot 4/2022 Clinical analysis of TBE and other viral infections

Snapshot 3/2022 TBE vaccine coverage in Switzerland

Snapshot 2/2022 Methods to inactivate TBE virus

Snapshot 1/2022 Low vaccination rates in adults in Germany’s TBE risk areas

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