December 2021

Newsletter: Is the European Subtype of Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus (TBEV-EU) a distinct species? Delimitation Analysis Provides New Genomic Evidence

Snapshot 51/2021 Low vaccination rate in children in Germany’s TBE risk areas

Snapshot 50/2021 TBE antibody positive horses detected in Catalonia, Spain

Snapshot 49/2021 Epidemiology of TBE in northeastern Italy: underestimation of case numbers

November 2021

Newsletter: TBE vaccine booster intervals: Are three or five years really necessary?

Snapshot 48/2021 TBE antibody positive wild boars in southern Japan

Snapshot 47/2021 TBE virus infections among US travelers

Snapshot 46/2021 TBE virus infections in dogs

Snapshot 45/2021 Rapid transmission of Powassan virus from ticks to humans

Snapshot 44/2021 TBE in the UK

October 2021

Newsletter: No accordance in the incidence of TBE and Lyme borreliosis cases, Austria, 2005–2018

Snapshot 43/2021 Primary and booster TBE vaccination in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: effective and beneficial

Snapshot 42/2021 Testing bulk milk samples for TBE virus

Snapshot 41/2021 TBE virus has a stable genome

Snapshot 40/2021 TBE seroprevalence in equids, Eastern Austria

September 2021

Newsletter: Live and inactivated TBEV trigger interferon transcriptomic profile in human PBMCs through RIG-I-like receptor pathway

Snapshot 39/2021 TBE seroprevalence study in South Korea

Snapshot 38/2021 Genetic characterization of TBE virus strains in northeastern China

Snapshot 37/2021 TBE in horses

Snapshot 36/2021 Are TBE vaccine failures age dependent?

August 2021

Newsletter: European clinical multicenter study about TBE

Snapshot 35/2021 TBE vaccination of allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients

Snapshot 34/2021 TBE antibodies in bison in Poland

Snapshot 33/2021 Serosurvey of TBE virus in southern Sweden

Snapshot 32/2021 Thoughts about a prolongation of the TBE vaccine booster interval

Snapshot 31/2021 Are co-infections common in patients investigated for Lyme borreliosis?

July 2021

Newsletter: Enteric ganglioneuritis, a common feature in a subcutaneous TBEV murine infection model

Snapshot 30/2021 Low risk for TBE virus infections in the Netherlands

Snapshot 29/2021 Lack of knowledge about TBE among family physicians in northeastern France

Snapshot 28/2021 TBE in a very young boy

Snapshot 27/2021 Possible factors associated with TBE vaccine failure

June 2021

Newsletter: TBE vaccination protects against alimentary route of infection

Snapshot 26/2021 Antibodies to nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) in TBE patients

Snapshot 25/2021 A vaccine candidate to protect against Powassan virus infection

Snapshot 24/2021 TBE in Belgium

Snapshot 23/2021 TBE vaccination coverage in Switzerland

Snapshot 22/2021 Imported TBE case to the UK

May 2021

Newsletter: Human monoclonal antibodies potently neutralize tick-borne encephalitis virus and other tick-borne flaviviruses

Snapshot 21/2021 TBE cases in Bulgaria

Snapshot 20/2021 Monophasic and biphasic course of TBE

Snapshot 19/2021 TBE in Polish children – long-term observation

Snapshot 18/2021 Ticks are moving northwards

April 2021

Newsletter: TBE antibodies in roe deer and wild boar across France

Snapshot 17/2021 Sheep and goats are useful TBE sentinel animals

Snapshot 16/2021 Impaired sleep-related functional outcomes in TBE patients

Snapshot 15/2021 Is there a correlation of TBE antibody titers with clinical course?

Snapshot 14/2021 New TBE virus foci identified in Serbia

March 2021

Newsletter: How important is the perfect tick-virus match?

Snapshot 13/2021 Is the genome of TBE virus strains from higher altitudes different from strains from lower altitudes?

Snapshot 12/2021 Late post-exposure treatment with TBE immunoglobulins

Snapshot 11/2021 TBE in Germany, 2020

Snapshot 10/2021 TBE vaccination in HIV-1 infected persons

Snapshot 9/2021 TBE vaccination in transplant patients

February 2021

Newsletter: The natural foci of tick-borne encephalitis virus: what are the drivers for their maintenance?

Snapshot 8/2021 Horses as sentinels for TBE virus

Snapshot 7/2021 TBE in Croatia

Snapshot 6/2021 TBE in Austria, 2020

Snapshot 5/2021 Treatment of a TBE patient with an antiviral drug

January 2021

Newsletter: The red fox: a useful sentinel for detecting TBE foci

Snapshot 4/2021 First imported TBE case in a Spanish child

Snapshot 3/2021 TBE vaccination coverage in Germany

Snapshot 2/2021 TBE vaccination coverage in Switzerland

Snapshot 1/2021 TBE in Japan

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